CO2 Regulator

I wanted to have portable CO2 available for my jockey box. My first choice was to purchase a mini CO2 dispenser that uses the 20gram cartridges. I quickly found out that they were a pain to use if I don't personally man the jockey box. Often my jockey box is not manned, but left to allow anyone to pull them a draft. Also, I didn't want to keep purchasing 20grams of CO2, as CO2 is less expensive the more you purchase in bulk. So, I thought a paint ball CO2 tank would provide more CO2 and be portable. To put this together, I had to make several purchases. First, a 20oz paint ball tank. Then, a regulator. I wanted one that was easily adjustable without the need of a screwdriver to set the pressure. This one has a "T" handle for adjustment with a nut to lock the setting. Next, I needed some way to connect the regulator to the paint ball tank. I found that in the CO2 tank refiller valve. That is the black valve on the top of the tank in the picture below. Next came the harder part. The CO2 regulator inlet is reverse threaded. So, I had to purchase the brass fittings that would connect the reverse threaded inlet to the normal threaded refiller valve. Once complete, this thing works great! I can push multiple 5 gallon kegs with just one fill. I often use this to force carbonate my beer too.