Grain Mill

This is my grain mill. I made the base out of scrap wood and a piece of scrap counter top. I purchased a 3 roller monster malt mill from a homebrew supply store. I got the motor, sheaves, and scale from my grandparents estate sale for dirt cheap! The copper to hang the scale on was extra that I had lying around. The scale needed a little tender loving care to restore it with some paint. I wanted a better grain hopper, but thought I'd try my hand at some sheet metal forming to get me by cheaply. One of these days, I will spend some time making a better hopper. It works great, but I do have to sweep the grain over to the mouth of the mill when nearing the last of the grain. Also, after a few runs with large amounts of grain, I realized I needed to add a chute below the mill to help feed the milled grain into the bucket without it all spilling on the floor. That modification is not included in these photos. I wanted to make this easy to move around in my garage (that is where it is stored) so I put the whole thing on casters. I cover it with an old bed sheet to keep dust/dirt off it when not in use.

Scale View

This is a view of the scale.

Rear View

This is a view from behind.

Side View

This is a view from the side.

Front View

This is a view from the front.


This is a view of the grain hopper.